Carefully selected used woodworking machinery refurbished to the highest standards.
From Ferwood USA, subsidiary of Ferwood s.r.l.

Ferwood USA announces SIS Machinery acquisition.

28 April 2016

Ferwood srl is pleased to announce, following their recent acquisition of SIS machinery, the incorporation of their new subsidiary Ferwood USA. Formed with the prime objective of serving the US, Canadian and Mexican markets Ferwood USA will offer the prestigious Ferwood brand of carefully selected used and highly refurbished Ferwood Approved machinery. Some of the largest companies in the USA have already realised the quality and value, without compromise, of panel processing machines supplied by Ferwood.

ferwood approved

Ferwood Approved is the quality brand for selected and carefully overhauled second-hand machines.

From the detail of information provided prior to installation to the final test at the customer’s site.

  1. Layouts and detailed technical information provided prior to installation at the customer's site
  2. The machines are disassembled, thoroughly cleansed and painted
  3. Worn parts are replaced
  4. All mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components are checked. Defective parts are repaired or replaced
  5. Inspection and upgrading of safety devices
  6. Software upgrades and technical changes according to customer needs
  7. Machine preparation and set-up to produce the samples requested by the customer
  8. Machine inspection and test runs by the customer at Ferwood’s site
  9. Machine delivery to the customer complete with use & maintenance manuals, copies of the software and required tools
  10. Installation, inspection, training and test runs at the customer’s site

Stocking a wide variety of all types
of woodworking machinery

Including: CNC Routers and CNC Machine Centres, CNC Beam Panel Saws, Single Sided Edgebanders, Double Sided Squaring and Edgebanding Machines, CNC Drilling Machine, CNC Drilling and Inserting Machines, Through Feed Drilling Machines, Cabinet Assembly Machines and lines, Painting Machines and lines, Packing Machines and lines. We can offer complete factory solutions.

We offer machines from world leading brands including IMA, Homag Group, Biesse Group, SCM Group and other leading specialist manufacturers.

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From the individual machine to the most articulated production line, all Ferwood products are serviced by means of a control process, replacement of worn or faulty parts and rigorous fine tuning, which is attentive and systematic. For further information visit the dedicated section entitled "Ferwood approved", the guaranteed brand in the second-hand sector of technology for wood by Ferwood.

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